Digital Advertising Accountability Program

About the Program

The Digital Advertising Accountability Program operates a cutting-edge privacy program that enforces self-regulatory industry standards for web and mobile advertising. Its mission is to build trust in the digital marketplace by ensuring that businesses provide consumers with transparency and choice about the collection and use of their data for interest-based ads. The Accountability Program was developed at the request of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), an alliance of the major advertising trade associations, as the independent third-party accountability agent for the DAA suite of Self-Regulatory Principles.

In service of its privacy mission, the Accountability Program performs several key activities:

Monitoring: The Accountability Program monitors the practices of all companies collecting or using data about individuals’ web surfing and app usage behavior for interest-based advertising. The Accountability Program brings formal inquiries to resolve issues of suspected non-compliance with the DAA Principles.

Complaint Resolution: The Accountability Program processes thousands of consumer complaints each year. When a complaint alleges that a company’s practices are out of compliance with the DAA Principles, the Accountability Program will review that complaint and may open a formal inquiry as a result. Where complaints fall outside the Accountability Program's jurisdiction, they are referred to the appropriate complaint-handling mechanism. To file a complaint, click here.

Enforcement: Since its inception in 2011, the Accountability Program has published the results of more than 100 formal actions, including cases and compliance warnings. The Accountability Program has also resolved numerous informal inquiries and responds weekly to inquiries from businesses and their attorneys about compliance issues.

Education and Outreach: The Accountability Program engages energetically and constantly in education and outreach and serves as a leader at privacy events. Staff members travel across the continental US, as well as Canada and Europe to spread the word about its work.


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The Accountability Program provides confidential compliance advice to companies who proactively contact us before receiving a formal inquiry. We are also happy to speak about privacy, compliance, and self-regulation at events, whether at company meetings, law firm presentations, conferences, or webinars. To reach us for any of these reasons, please contact us at