Coalition for Better Advertising Dispute Resolution Program

BBB NP maintains an independent dispute resolution program to resolve disagreements between Better Ads Experience program participants and Implementation Entities over the application of the program standards to specific advertising formats.

The Better Ads Experience Program has been created by the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) to support its mission to improve the online advertising experience for consumers and promote adoption of the Better Ads Standards (Standards).  The new Program allows a voluntarily participating Web publisher to declare its compliance with the current Standards.  The registration allows the CBA to collect the information needed to enroll and validate each company and its domains with the Program.  Validated Companies that participate in the program will have access to the dispute resolution mechanism to challenge a finding of noncompliance with the Standards.  Along with the dispute resolution procedures, final decisions arising out of any dispute resolutions will be posted here.

The CBA has chosen to have its Dispute Resolution Mechanism (DRM) administered by BBB NP.  Registered web publishers who seek to challenge the Program’s findings regarding compliance with the Standards may submit their challenge requests via the CBA. Upon BBB NP’s receipt of a challenge, staff will respond to all inquiries and challenges by independently reviewing all materials and administering the DRM procedures as provided here.

The CBA announcement is available here.


For more information about the CBA DRM, please contact us at